Mentor/mentee Retreat Reflection


Being a Leader Advancement Scholar definitely has its benefits. Having a weekend planned out, so that a mentor and their mentee can get to know each other more definitely has its advantages. Eagle Village has so many experiences to offer for a mentor and mentee to become closer, such as ropes coarse and a giant ladder. They require a mentor and mentee to work together and rely on each other when one or the other has a disability they have to compensate for.

I learned more about being a leader and how a leader deals with struggles that one has to deal with. Being able to work well with others allows a leader to become more social. It allows them to interact and communicate with the community around them.

Being able to be more socially active on campus allows me to meet new people and build relationships with other organizations. Learning more about leadership helps with being able to lead a group and organize the problems that need to be dealt with. Eagle Village taught me how to become a leader on and off campus.


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