Alpha Leadership Reflection

Alpha Leadership was a five week course that lasted two hours every Thursday in Powers Hall. It was an event that helped improve someone’s leadership abilities with groups and peers.


About 100 people were split up into six different groups each having a name like the red hot fireballs which I was on. These groups would then attempt tasks that would make them think and work together. At the end of every session the group would evaluate what they learned that day and how they would apply it to the campus community.

What I learned from this experience was that I have my strengths and weaknesses when working with groups. One of my strengths is that I step up when I am needed to step up and one of my weaknesses is that I am a little shy when it comes to groups and I don’t speak up as much as I should. I am definitely going to work on my weaknesses while still improving on my strengths because if you just focus on your weaknesses your strengths will diminish.


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