Connections Conference Reflection


The Connections Leadership Conference was an opportunity for students to come together to exchange ideas to further advance their organizations, strengthen their leadership ability, and foster networking opportunities. It consisted of insightful speakers, stimulating roundtables, and dynamic workshops that I got to share with other people that desire to create a better world as much as I do. Another great thing about the Connections Conference was that it was the weekend of my birthday, so I got to spend my birthday with my LAS friends at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City.

Connections 2

First of we arrived at 10:45 on November 9th and dropped our bags off and went to the conference room where we ate lunch. Then at 1:00 we attended our first Institute Session where we were split up into groups of two and were asked to learn more about your partner. At 2:30 and 3:30 we attended our first two Educational Sessions. The two sessions I picked was Accelerating to Your Dreams, which was about understanding how to apply knowledge to make the right decisions, how to get the right people/network on your team, and how to align your own values, and Situational Leadership Through the Eyes of Disney, which gave people the chance to reflect on some of your favorite childhood heroes and their leadership qualities. After the first day was over it was time to relax and play in the waterpark. When the second day came around we attended two more Educational Sessions and ended the day with another Institute Session that helped us as a LAS cohort become more connected.

Connections 3

What I learned form the Leadership Connections will always be with me. It is going to help me improve my leadership skills here on campus and in the outside world. It will allow me to use the skills I learned to help better the people around me. I am going to refer the Connections Conference to anyone and everyone that is able to attend.


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