Fred Factor Reflection

The Fred Factor project we were presented in LDR was a project I never experienced in a classroom before. The class was already use to making other peoples day simply by saying hello and giving them a hug, but this was different. We were told to present a project to the class on how a group of people made other peoples day expecting nothing in return called a Fred Project. We had to follow the four principles of the Fred Factor which are everyone makes a difference, everything is built on relationships, we must continually create value for others, and we can reinvent ourselves regularly. In actuality though all we had to do was be ourselves, because this is how we got here in the first place by helping others and not expecting anything in return.

The group that I was in consisted of Hannah McGoldrick, Jessica LaLone, Sam Ekstrom, Avery Manifold, Anna Prielipp, Katie Rae, and me. Our project we was that we would clip clothespins, that had inspirational sayings, on people without them noticing that we clipped their backpacks or clothing. We called this project ChipClips. We created a twitter so the people that we clipped could tweet what the clothespin said and how they felt about the inspirational saying. On the clothespin we also told them to pass it on so that they also could spread the inspiration and feel the rush when they try and clip someone else without them noticing.

What I learned from this experience is that when you do something good for other people you don’t always need to expect something in return. By just making someone else’s day makes your day as well because you know that you just made that person’s day. In the end we will get rewarded in some way we just have to wait.


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