My First Client

For my third week I worked 41 hours because Thumb Elite Athletics will be closed on Monday for Memorial Day so I will use the 1 hour I worked over to replace the hours I will be missing on Monday. Once again I helped facilitate a boot camp program with the other personal trainer that works here. This time about 20 people showed up which was better than last week. We took them through 6 different stations which had 2 different exercises at them. At the end of the session everyone was tired and sweating, but had a fun time training.

Boot camp 2.jpg

This week for youth speed & agility 10 kids showed up which is a very good turn out. They were excited to get going and at the end of the session they were pretty tired so I imagine they slept good that night. I hope next week we can get those 10 kids back and hopefully some more.

I started my advertisement for my personal training this week and it got passed around by other people quite a bit so I am very happy with that. I am going to continue to advertise that I am offering personal training to the public to see if I can get more people to respond back to me. I did however get one person this week who messaged me and wanted personal training, so I was excited about that. We start next Wednesday and go for 8 sessions.

On Friday I had my own circuit training class that I taught and was able to get 2 more people to come in along with the 3 people that regularly come in, so I was happy about that. If I can get 2 more people each week that will be great! I took them through an 11 different exercise circuit and by the time they were done they were pretty tired. They were really happy though that they got a great workout in before the day started though which made me happy.


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