Circuit Training Class

For my fourth week I worked 35 hours because Monday Thumb Elite was closed for Memorial Day, but I worked an extra hour last week, so technically I worked 36 hours for this week. This week I helped co-facilitate one of the boot camp sessions that we have during the week. It was similar to last week’s boot camp because the same people came, but we switch the exercises to make sure that they are not getting bored with the workout. Next week I hope we can continue to get more people to come in for the boot camps.

On Tuesday I facilitated the last youth speed & agility class we offered for the month. We are going to have a speed & agility camp with combine workouts as pre and post assessments in a few weeks, so I mentioned it to them and they all sounded quite interested in it. I hope that I can get at least 10 people for each age group which is grades 3 to 6 and then boys and girls grades 7 to 12.

Wednesday I worked with my personal training client for the first time of eight sessions. Her goal is to lose weight and trim inches off her waistline, so I wrote her a workout that was high in intensity. When we got done she was quite exhausted. I mentioned she should probably eat some more healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, squash, etc. so she feels better during the high intensity workouts. Next week I plan on dialing back the intensity a little bit, but not to much because I want her to be able to reach her goal. I also taught a golf lesson to a brother and sister which was cool. I took them through a bunch of core exercises and exercises that would help with their swings.

Thursday morning I facilitated a core & stability workout for one of the personal trainers. It was a fun workout that consisted of different exercises using a physio ball, dumbbells, and their self. It was a great workout to start the morning.

Friday morning I had my circuit training class that I have been teaching since I got here and starting next week I will have two days a week of circuit training because one of the other trainers can’t do it anymore. I am excited to start 2 different circuit classes next week. I hope to get more people to come in for both classes next week.


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