Full Steam Ahead

For my fifth week I worked 40 hours and ever since the very first week I have become more and more busy. I picked up more personal training clients, I added another group fitness class, and in just a few weeks my speed and agility camp will start for grades 3-12. We are advertising the speed and agility camp pretty hard because we want to have a good turn out. Along with having a good turn out we want to help improve the local youth on their quickness.

The boot camp that I have been helping co-facilitate with the other personal trainer is going really well. Next week is the last week of the first round of boot camp, but we are going to create a boot camp 2.0 and hopefully get the same members as the first round but also get some new people. So I will continue to keep helping with the rest of this boot camp and then help with boot camp 2.0

Boot camp 3.jpg

My circuit training class is going really well. I have been having the same 3 people come in the month or so, but the last couple of weeks I have had 1 or 2 new people that have been coming. This week I added another circuit training class to my schedule. I only had 1 person show up, but we didn’t advertise for it very much because the class was created last week. After that class we advertised to the community a lot more and hopefully next week we can get some more people to come in.

Training with my personal training client is going good. We are trying to get her cardiovascular fitness back up because she hasn’t done high intensity training in 2 years. That has kind of put a restriction on things because her goal is to lose weight and inches off her waistline, but when we do high intensity workouts she becomes light headed and feels sick to her stomach at the end of the workout. I think once we get her cardiovascular fitness back up to where it should be she will do a lot better. This week I added another client as well. This client is a 12 year old soccer player that wants to increase her running endurance while also getting faster. Her coach said is she can run 2 miles without stopping she can play in her soccer games the whole time.


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