Summer Baseball Season Starts

For my sixth week I worked 40 hours which marks the midterm of my internship. This week has been quite hectic trying to get ready for the speed and agility camp that starts next week. We have been advertising like crazy to the public. We have contacted all the athletic directors in the surrounding schools to put it out to the student body. We have contacted all the coaches in the surrounding schools as well to ask them to spread the word to their teams as well. Then we’ve made Facebook posts about the event and shared it among the employees at Thumb Elite Athletics to spread the word even more. I hope next we have a great turn out and get kids faster and stronger.

My personal training client is going well. She is starting to get back into being able to go for longer duration at high intensity without feeling sick or dizzy. I am hoping that these next 2 weeks we can push her pretty hard so we can finish off strong and reach our goals. My other client will start next week as this past Sunday was her last soccer game, so I wanted to give her a break I didn’t want to burn her out.

My group fitness classes are going great. This week we had a better turn out to all 3 of my classes than last week which I am very happy with. I managed to get a couple new people that haven’t worked out in a while come in and they were happy with the class when they were done which makes me happy.

This week Thumb Elite’s 16U boys baseball team started their season and we had a scrimmage on Tuesday in Cass City against one of Saginaw’s 16U teams. We ended up winning on a walk off hit. I helped coach first base along with warming the players up at the beginning. This weekend they are headed to CMU for a tournament but I won’t be able to attend because of family matters.

16U baseball.jpg


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