Youth Training

For my seventh week I worked 40 hours and they were a long 40 hours. This week was very busy and I am very ready for the weekend to be here. My speed and agility camp started this week which had kids from 3rd grade all the way to 12th grade. The camp was Tuesday and Thursday which went for 3 hours and split the kids up from grades 3 to 6 and then grades 7-12 boys and girls separate. On Tuesday we did our pre-assessment which included the 20 yard dash, push test, broad jump, vertical jump, L-drill, and pro agility. Then on Thursday we focused on our technique and form running. We had a good turn out for grades 3 through 6, but I am hoping next week we get more kids for grades 7 through 12.

My one client wasn’t able to train all week because she was sick, so I am hoping next week we can get her back on track and finish off strong towards her goals. My other client started this week and her goal is to run 2 miles without stopping because she is a soccer player and her coach said she can play the whole time if she can run 2 miles without stopping. Right now we are working on interval training to improve on her running endurance.

Sandusky summer rec started their program this week and for their first day they brought the kids into Thumb Elite to do a fun training session. We split the summer rec kids into two different groups which consisted of 45 kids each. We took them through an eleven station circuit which consisted of exercises like juggling, tic-tac-toe races, ball slams, agility ladder, and other fun exercises.

Summer Rec

Summer Rec 2


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