Happy 4th of July

For my ninth week I worked 32 hours because we were closed on Tuesday for the 4th of July. This week we only had speed and agility one day since the 4th landed on a Tuesday. This week was the last week that focused only on speed after this week and for the remainder of the camp we will focus on agility. We didn’t have as good of a turn out as previous weeks but that is acceptable since this week it is the 4th of July. I hope next week to have all of the kids back to we can get back on track to getting them faster and stronger.


My core & stability class went well this week. I had 3 people come and workout. We focused on our balance with the stability ball while lifting weight and body weight at the same time. My circuit class went well this week as well. The class consisted of 11 different stations that focused on various muscle groups.

My personal training clients went really well this week. The one client last week was feeling sick after working out but this time she did awesome the entire time and at the end she didn’t feel nauseous at all. My other client did extremely well this week as well. We focused a lot on sprinting and jogging because in a soccer game you’re not sprinting the entire time you are sprinting some of the time, then jogging or walking the rest of the time. So I hope next week we can keep up the hard work in order to reach our goals.


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