Speed & Agility

For my eighth week I worked 41 hours which lead to a long enjoyable weekend. It was the second week of my speed and agility camp. The first group had about 15 kids in it which is awesome and then I ended up combining the older girls with the older boys to make one older group. That group had about 5 kids which is alright for the summer because most high school kids have jobs during that time of day. This week we focused on speed and strength. I had them go through running motions by having them do arm swings and wall punches. Next week we will only have one day because of the 4th of July so I hope we can work hard that day.

Speed & Agility Camp.jpeg

My one personal training client was able to train this week but it was almost like we were restarting because she was sick for over a week. We tried doing high intensity interval training but she became nauseous so we ended the training session early because she felt like she couldn’t go any further, but then a couple days after that she felt better when we trained so hopefully we can continue were we left off. My other client is doing really well. I thought of something different to try with her to distract her from the actual running and cramping. I have her dribbling the soccer ball around the inside of the track on the grass. I hope this will help her out a lot more than just running circles on the track.

My group fitness classes are going good however I wish we could get more people to join them. The last couple of weeks I have only had 1 to 3 people coming in to workout. I understand that it is the summer and more people want to train outside. Maybe we will go outside and train one of these days that way we can enjoy the fresh air while working out.

Sandusky summer recreation came in again this week but didn’t have as many kids as last week. We took them through another circuit like training session and at the end we did a tug of war against the people in charge of the summer rec and the oldest kids that were there which were kids going into 7th grade next year. The kids had a lot of fun and in a couple of weeks they will come in again for their last time and we have a dodge ball game set up for that day as a reward for working hard and being good for the people in charge of summer rec.

Summer Rec 3


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