Build a Better You

For my tenth week I worked 48 hours because I was behind on hours since Thumb Elite Athletics was closed on Memorial Day and 4th of July so I had to make them up. Speed and agility went really well this week. It was the first week of agility focused training which consisted of a lot of cone, bags, and ladder work. At the end of the training session on Thursday we played a game so the kids don’t get bored with the training and also have an incentive to work hard all week for. We played the cone game where half the cones are tipped over and the other half are placed upright. Then there are two different teams who are responsible for placing the tipped over cones upright and knocking over the upright cones. This game focuses on having the kids change direction while also working on their endurance. Next week I hope to get the same output from the kids as this week.

On Thursday I went to the Port Sanilac library to take the kids that come to reading time through a little exercise routine. We did exercises such as leap frogs, push ups, and sit ups. Then at the end we played a game called tic-tac-toe relay which the kids really liked.


My personal training clients and group fitness classes went really good this week. Both of my clients worked their butts off and after next week we should be pretty close to reaching their goals. All of my group fitness classes had 3 or more people there this week which is good since all the classes are at 6 a.m. I hope next week I can get more people to come in then this week because it is nice to have a lot of people come work out.


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