My personal goals are to find the woman of my dreams and if she is the girl I have been looking for then I want to have a huge wedding that we both will enjoy and have memories of for the rest of our lives. Then I want to build a house out in the country because that is were I grew up at and I enjoyed it. It is wide open and there is a lot of things to do. After we get settled in and get everything running smoothly, I want to start a family and teach them the ways I was taught out in the country. For example, how to fish, hunt, play sports, and farm. I want to grow up with my family and enjoy every day on this beautiful Earth.

My short term professional goals are to be admitted and accepted into my Exercise Science with a Health Fitness Concentration major. While pursuing my major I want to keep my grades high enough to be competitive in my professional program and to fulfill the community service and physical therapy setting hours that are required before graduation. Also, I want to complete the pre-requisites for my professional program. My next short term goal would to be admitted and accepted into a physical therapy grad program somewhere here in the state of Michigan. If I am admitted and accepted I will pursue a DPT. The next goal would to be to obtain a license from the state of Michigan in order for me to practice physical therapy here in the state of Michigan. My long term professional goal would be to be hired for a physical therapy practice somewhere here in Michigan and work there full time until I were to retire.

I want to accomplish each goal one at a time and not all at once. The steps I am going to take are to stay focused and work as hard as I can to accomplish what I have set for myself. Each goal is going to be hard to accomplish, but I am very capable of accomplishing every single goal I have set for myself.



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