One Last Goodbye

For my twelfth week I worked 40 hours which is the last week of my internship. This was the last week of speed and agility which turned out to be an awesome event. On Tuesday we finished our last day of agility focused training. The kids did great and by the end I knew the kids got faster and more agile. On Thursday was the post-testing for the 20 yard dash, push up test, vertical jump, broad jump, L drill, and pro agility. In every single category each individual participant improved their score from the beginning. This improvement made me very happy because I knew their hard work would pay off.

All three of my group fitness classes went very well this week. I was able to get more people in then usual because I kind of guilted them into coming since it was my last week. Everyone enjoyed their workout though which was great to hear. They were also sad once the class was over though because I won’t be teaching it again. However they were happy that I got to teach their group fitness classes and wished me luck in my future endeavors.

This internship was a great experience for me! It definitely had its ups and downs, but you have to take the good days with the bad ones. I learned a lot and put what I learned in class to work which worked out really well. I want to thank everyone that made this possible!



Wrapping The Summer Up

For my eleventh week I worked 43 hours because I was still behind in hours. This week for speed and agility it was kind a bad week for attendance as family’s were going on vacation, sports teams were having practices, and other prior commitments were happening. Although that was going on the people that did happen to show up worked really hard on the agility aspect this week. I am hoping next week we can finish off strong and show the improvements we have been working on.

My first personal training client ended up not finishing out her training because of various reasons, but she told me she felt tremendously better than the first day she came to me. That is great to hear because I know she worked really hard to get more healthy. My other personal training client is doing really well! I think she will be able to play the entire game without being taken out which is what she wanted to do. She has become a lot faster and her endurance is way better than the first day. The first day she could only run 200 meters without stopping and now she can run 1200 meters without stopping.

This week Sandusky summer rec. came in again for their last time. This time was kind of more relaxed than the other times because we let them play dodge ball, but also made them workout a little bit. The kids definitely loved playing dodge ball and at the end of the session they were sweating and laughing.



My group fitness classes went pretty good this week. I still wish more people would come in and work out, but it is on them to come in I can’t make them do something they don’t want to do. Everyone told me they enjoyed the class when they were done this week, so that made up for people not showing up. Next week I hope we can finish off strong and get the most people I have had yet this summer in.

Build a Better You

For my tenth week I worked 48 hours because I was behind on hours since Thumb Elite Athletics was closed on Memorial Day and 4th of July so I had to make them up. Speed and agility went really well this week. It was the first week of agility focused training which consisted of a lot of cone, bags, and ladder work. At the end of the training session on Thursday we played a game so the kids don’t get bored with the training and also have an incentive to work hard all week for. We played the cone game where half the cones are tipped over and the other half are placed upright. Then there are two different teams who are responsible for placing the tipped over cones upright and knocking over the upright cones. This game focuses on having the kids change direction while also working on their endurance. Next week I hope to get the same output from the kids as this week.

On Thursday I went to the Port Sanilac library to take the kids that come to reading time through a little exercise routine. We did exercises such as leap frogs, push ups, and sit ups. Then at the end we played a game called tic-tac-toe relay which the kids really liked.


My personal training clients and group fitness classes went really good this week. Both of my clients worked their butts off and after next week we should be pretty close to reaching their goals. All of my group fitness classes had 3 or more people there this week which is good since all the classes are at 6 a.m. I hope next week I can get more people to come in then this week because it is nice to have a lot of people come work out.

Happy 4th of July

For my ninth week I worked 32 hours because we were closed on Tuesday for the 4th of July. This week we only had speed and agility one day since the 4th landed on a Tuesday. This week was the last week that focused only on speed after this week and for the remainder of the camp we will focus on agility. We didn’t have as good of a turn out as previous weeks but that is acceptable since this week it is the 4th of July. I hope next week to have all of the kids back to we can get back on track to getting them faster and stronger.


My core & stability class went well this week. I had 3 people come and workout. We focused on our balance with the stability ball while lifting weight and body weight at the same time. My circuit class went well this week as well. The class consisted of 11 different stations that focused on various muscle groups.

My personal training clients went really well this week. The one client last week was feeling sick after working out but this time she did awesome the entire time and at the end she didn’t feel nauseous at all. My other client did extremely well this week as well. We focused a lot on sprinting and jogging because in a soccer game you’re not sprinting the entire time you are sprinting some of the time, then jogging or walking the rest of the time. So I hope next week we can keep up the hard work in order to reach our goals.

Speed & Agility

For my eighth week I worked 41 hours which lead to a long enjoyable weekend. It was the second week of my speed and agility camp. The first group had about 15 kids in it which is awesome and then I ended up combining the older girls with the older boys to make one older group. That group had about 5 kids which is alright for the summer because most high school kids have jobs during that time of day. This week we focused on speed and strength. I had them go through running motions by having them do arm swings and wall punches. Next week we will only have one day because of the 4th of July so I hope we can work hard that day.

Speed & Agility Camp.jpeg

My one personal training client was able to train this week but it was almost like we were restarting because she was sick for over a week. We tried doing high intensity interval training but she became nauseous so we ended the training session early because she felt like she couldn’t go any further, but then a couple days after that she felt better when we trained so hopefully we can continue were we left off. My other client is doing really well. I thought of something different to try with her to distract her from the actual running and cramping. I have her dribbling the soccer ball around the inside of the track on the grass. I hope this will help her out a lot more than just running circles on the track.

My group fitness classes are going good however I wish we could get more people to join them. The last couple of weeks I have only had 1 to 3 people coming in to workout. I understand that it is the summer and more people want to train outside. Maybe we will go outside and train one of these days that way we can enjoy the fresh air while working out.

Sandusky summer recreation came in again this week but didn’t have as many kids as last week. We took them through another circuit like training session and at the end we did a tug of war against the people in charge of the summer rec and the oldest kids that were there which were kids going into 7th grade next year. The kids had a lot of fun and in a couple of weeks they will come in again for their last time and we have a dodge ball game set up for that day as a reward for working hard and being good for the people in charge of summer rec.

Summer Rec 3

Youth Training

For my seventh week I worked 40 hours and they were a long 40 hours. This week was very busy and I am very ready for the weekend to be here. My speed and agility camp started this week which had kids from 3rd grade all the way to 12th grade. The camp was Tuesday and Thursday which went for 3 hours and split the kids up from grades 3 to 6 and then grades 7-12 boys and girls separate. On Tuesday we did our pre-assessment which included the 20 yard dash, push test, broad jump, vertical jump, L-drill, and pro agility. Then on Thursday we focused on our technique and form running. We had a good turn out for grades 3 through 6, but I am hoping next week we get more kids for grades 7 through 12.

My one client wasn’t able to train all week because she was sick, so I am hoping next week we can get her back on track and finish off strong towards her goals. My other client started this week and her goal is to run 2 miles without stopping because she is a soccer player and her coach said she can play the whole time if she can run 2 miles without stopping. Right now we are working on interval training to improve on her running endurance.

Sandusky summer rec started their program this week and for their first day they brought the kids into Thumb Elite to do a fun training session. We split the summer rec kids into two different groups which consisted of 45 kids each. We took them through an eleven station circuit which consisted of exercises like juggling, tic-tac-toe races, ball slams, agility ladder, and other fun exercises.

Summer Rec

Summer Rec 2

Summer Baseball Season Starts

For my sixth week I worked 40 hours which marks the midterm of my internship. This week has been quite hectic trying to get ready for the speed and agility camp that starts next week. We have been advertising like crazy to the public. We have contacted all the athletic directors in the surrounding schools to put it out to the student body. We have contacted all the coaches in the surrounding schools as well to ask them to spread the word to their teams as well. Then we’ve made Facebook posts about the event and shared it among the employees at Thumb Elite Athletics to spread the word even more. I hope next we have a great turn out and get kids faster and stronger.

My personal training client is going well. She is starting to get back into being able to go for longer duration at high intensity without feeling sick or dizzy. I am hoping that these next 2 weeks we can push her pretty hard so we can finish off strong and reach our goals. My other client will start next week as this past Sunday was her last soccer game, so I wanted to give her a break I didn’t want to burn her out.

My group fitness classes are going great. This week we had a better turn out to all 3 of my classes than last week which I am very happy with. I managed to get a couple new people that haven’t worked out in a while come in and they were happy with the class when they were done which makes me happy.

This week Thumb Elite’s 16U boys baseball team started their season and we had a scrimmage on Tuesday in Cass City against one of Saginaw’s 16U teams. We ended up winning on a walk off hit. I helped coach first base along with warming the players up at the beginning. This weekend they are headed to CMU for a tournament but I won’t be able to attend because of family matters.

16U baseball.jpg