Youth Training

For my seventh week I worked 40 hours and they were a long 40 hours. This week was very busy and I am very ready for the weekend to be here. My speed and agility camp started this week which had kids from 3rd grade all the way to 12th grade. The camp was Tuesday and Thursday which went for 3 hours and split the kids up from grades 3 to 6 and then grades 7-12 boys and girls separate. On Tuesday we did our pre-assessment which included the 20 yard dash, push test, broad jump, vertical jump, L-drill, and pro agility. Then on Thursday we focused on our technique and form running. We had a good turn out for grades 3 through 6, but I am hoping next week we get more kids for grades 7 through 12.

My one client wasn’t able to train all week because she was sick, so I am hoping next week we can get her back on track and finish off strong towards her goals. My other client started this week and her goal is to run 2 miles without stopping because she is a soccer player and her coach said she can play the whole time if she can run 2 miles without stopping. Right now we are working on interval training to improve on her running endurance.

Sandusky summer rec started their program this week and for their first day they brought the kids into Thumb Elite to do a fun training session. We split the summer rec kids into two different groups which consisted of 45 kids each. We took them through an eleven station circuit which consisted of exercises like juggling, tic-tac-toe races, ball slams, agility ladder, and other fun exercises.

Summer Rec

Summer Rec 2

Summer Baseball Season Starts

For my sixth week I worked 40 hours which marks the midterm of my internship. This week has been quite hectic trying to get ready for the speed and agility camp that starts next week. We have been advertising like crazy to the public. We have contacted all the athletic directors in the surrounding schools to put it out to the student body. We have contacted all the coaches in the surrounding schools as well to ask them to spread the word to their teams as well. Then we’ve made Facebook posts about the event and shared it among the employees at Thumb Elite Athletics to spread the word even more. I hope next we have a great turn out and get kids faster and stronger.

My personal training client is going well. She is starting to get back into being able to go for longer duration at high intensity without feeling sick or dizzy. I am hoping that these next 2 weeks we can push her pretty hard so we can finish off strong and reach our goals. My other client will start next week as this past Sunday was her last soccer game, so I wanted to give her a break I didn’t want to burn her out.

My group fitness classes are going great. This week we had a better turn out to all 3 of my classes than last week which I am very happy with. I managed to get a couple new people that haven’t worked out in a while come in and they were happy with the class when they were done which makes me happy.

This week Thumb Elite’s 16U boys baseball team started their season and we had a scrimmage on Tuesday in Cass City against one of Saginaw’s 16U teams. We ended up winning on a walk off hit. I helped coach first base along with warming the players up at the beginning. This weekend they are headed to CMU for a tournament but I won’t be able to attend because of family matters.

16U baseball.jpg

Full Steam Ahead

For my fifth week I worked 40 hours and ever since the very first week I have become more and more busy. I picked up more personal training clients, I added another group fitness class, and in just a few weeks my speed and agility camp will start for grades 3-12. We are advertising the speed and agility camp pretty hard because we want to have a good turn out. Along with having a good turn out we want to help improve the local youth on their quickness.

The boot camp that I have been helping co-facilitate with the other personal trainer is going really well. Next week is the last week of the first round of boot camp, but we are going to create a boot camp 2.0 and hopefully get the same members as the first round but also get some new people. So I will continue to keep helping with the rest of this boot camp and then help with boot camp 2.0

Boot camp 3.jpg

My circuit training class is going really well. I have been having the same 3 people come in the month or so, but the last couple of weeks I have had 1 or 2 new people that have been coming. This week I added another circuit training class to my schedule. I only had 1 person show up, but we didn’t advertise for it very much because the class was created last week. After that class we advertised to the community a lot more and hopefully next week we can get some more people to come in.

Training with my personal training client is going good. We are trying to get her cardiovascular fitness back up because she hasn’t done high intensity training in 2 years. That has kind of put a restriction on things because her goal is to lose weight and inches off her waistline, but when we do high intensity workouts she becomes light headed and feels sick to her stomach at the end of the workout. I think once we get her cardiovascular fitness back up to where it should be she will do a lot better. This week I added another client as well. This client is a 12 year old soccer player that wants to increase her running endurance while also getting faster. Her coach said is she can run 2 miles without stopping she can play in her soccer games the whole time.

Circuit Training Class

For my fourth week I worked 35 hours because Monday Thumb Elite was closed for Memorial Day, but I worked an extra hour last week, so technically I worked 36 hours for this week. This week I helped co-facilitate one of the boot camp sessions that we have during the week. It was similar to last week’s boot camp because the same people came, but we switch the exercises to make sure that they are not getting bored with the workout. Next week I hope we can continue to get more people to come in for the boot camps.

On Tuesday I facilitated the last youth speed & agility class we offered for the month. We are going to have a speed & agility camp with combine workouts as pre and post assessments in a few weeks, so I mentioned it to them and they all sounded quite interested in it. I hope that I can get at least 10 people for each age group which is grades 3 to 6 and then boys and girls grades 7 to 12.

Wednesday I worked with my personal training client for the first time of eight sessions. Her goal is to lose weight and trim inches off her waistline, so I wrote her a workout that was high in intensity. When we got done she was quite exhausted. I mentioned she should probably eat some more healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, squash, etc. so she feels better during the high intensity workouts. Next week I plan on dialing back the intensity a little bit, but not to much because I want her to be able to reach her goal. I also taught a golf lesson to a brother and sister which was cool. I took them through a bunch of core exercises and exercises that would help with their swings.

Thursday morning I facilitated a core & stability workout for one of the personal trainers. It was a fun workout that consisted of different exercises using a physio ball, dumbbells, and their self. It was a great workout to start the morning.

Friday morning I had my circuit training class that I have been teaching since I got here and starting next week I will have two days a week of circuit training because one of the other trainers can’t do it anymore. I am excited to start 2 different circuit classes next week. I hope to get more people to come in for both classes next week.

My First Client

For my third week I worked 41 hours because Thumb Elite Athletics will be closed on Monday for Memorial Day so I will use the 1 hour I worked over to replace the hours I will be missing on Monday. Once again I helped facilitate a boot camp program with the other personal trainer that works here. This time about 20 people showed up which was better than last week. We took them through 6 different stations which had 2 different exercises at them. At the end of the session everyone was tired and sweating, but had a fun time training.

Boot camp 2.jpg

This week for youth speed & agility 10 kids showed up which is a very good turn out. They were excited to get going and at the end of the session they were pretty tired so I imagine they slept good that night. I hope next week we can get those 10 kids back and hopefully some more.

I started my advertisement for my personal training this week and it got passed around by other people quite a bit so I am very happy with that. I am going to continue to advertise that I am offering personal training to the public to see if I can get more people to respond back to me. I did however get one person this week who messaged me and wanted personal training, so I was excited about that. We start next Wednesday and go for 8 sessions.

On Friday I had my own circuit training class that I taught and was able to get 2 more people to come in along with the 3 people that regularly come in, so I was happy about that. If I can get 2 more people each week that will be great! I took them through an 11 different exercise circuit and by the time they were done they were pretty tired. They were really happy though that they got a great workout in before the day started though which made me happy.

Learning the Ropes

For my second week I worked 40 hours once again, and became a little bit more busy with classes and helping the other trainers with their classes. This week I helped one of the trainers with their boot camp which is just a ramped up high intensity interval training circuit. There were about 18 people that showed up which is a great turn out. I helped him facilitate and make sure the trainees were doing the exercises right and going to the correct stations. I also helped the owner with his baseball, softball, and golf lessons for the week.


We worked some more on our combine flyer for the surrounding schools. We decided we want to lower the age limit so grades 3-6 could do it too. Also, we decided to lower the cost from $100 to $80 and wanted to focus more on speed and agility more than weight training. Next week I hope to get it out to the schools so they can notify their students before summer break starts.

On Tuesday I facilitated youth speed and agility which had a good turn out with 8 kids from the local school. I took them through 8 different speed and agility drills like ladder drill, L-drill, box jumps, etc. Next week I hope to get some more kids to come out either by advertising more for it or asking the kids that do come to bring their friends and spread the word.


On Friday I facilitated my own circuit training class for the first time by myself. Three ladies showed up and I took them through 11 different exercises with a 1 minute workout interval followed by a 15 second rest period then went on to the next exercise. We only have one more session next week, but I talked with the 3 ladies and they wanted to continue with the circuit training class for the month of June. So next week I hope to get the word out more that we have a class at 9 a.m. on Friday’s to get more people to come.


A New Beginning

This first week was very different than sitting in a classroom and learning about personal training and different programs. I was able to use what I learned in class in order to teach youth speed & agility, circuit training class, etc. I was able to intern 40 hours this week.

My first project for my internship was to develop a flyer for a youth sports combine. We want to do a pre-training assessment with events such as 40 yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, and others. Then we will put them through a 4 week training program which will focus on improving their athletic ability. Then at the end of the 4 weeks we will take them through a post-training assessment which will reassess the kids on what they were tested on to begin with.


I was able to help teach a youth speed & agility class, a circuit training class, and a kid’s time class where home-schooled children come in and we take them through a circuit and then we play a game at the end like dodge ball. I was given the opportunity to be compensated if I brought in clients for personal training. So next week I will work on getting information out to the public so that they can come in and train with me.