I have participated in football, basketball, baseball, track, National Honor Society, and Sanilac County Youth Advisory Council. Sports, friends, and family was my life in high school. Every day of the week I was either playing sports, hanging out with my friends, or enjoying time with my family. Football was my favorite sport to play. One of the many life experiences football taught me was adversity. I showed me that when times were good you had to enjoy it and be thankful for them because it also showed me when times were bad and that whatever you did you was wrong.
My second favorite sport was baseball and my third favorite sport was basketball. Both of these sports I started playing when I was at least 5 years old. I had a lot of fun times and a lot of bad times playing these two, but in the end I enjoyed playing every second.
Basketball 3
My least favorite sport, which is why I didn’t participate my senior, was track. I am a person that doesn’t like to run just for fun and that is what track is. I definitely enjoyed it for three years, but I was glad I didn’t participate in it my senior year. While I participated in all four sports throughout high school I was also involved in National Honor Society and Sanilac County Youth Advisory Council. My school only allowed juniors and seniors to participate in NHS so when I was a junior I was an active member, but when I was a senior I was President. Being President had its ups and downs for sure though. Another organization I participated in was Sanilac County Youth Advisory Council. I was a member for four years and my four year I was President. I had a lot of fun times in YAC. The teachers at my school always said, “Oh it must be skip day for the YAC members because we never went back to school after we got done with out meetings.” Our goal in YAC was to improve our community, but we were mainly focused on improving the youth in our community. We participated in community service, food trucks, and decorated a float for the annual Christmas parade in Sandusky, Michigan. The activities that I participated in over the last four years has made me into the person I am today.

I coordinated my National Honor Society’s trip last year. Three vehicles made the trip, first we went to Dave and Buster’s in Utica, Michigan. Dave and Buster’s is like a Chuck E Cheese for adults. It has a bar, a dinning area, and the best part a huge game room filled with every sort of game an adult would want, in order to bring out there inner youth. Our group had a lot of fun at Dave and Buster’s. We spent at least three hours playing in the game room before it was time to go. By the time we had to leave me and my friend had at least 2,000 tickets between the two of us. Our next stop was to eat dinner at the Hard Rock Café in downtown Detroit. While most of the vehicles made it there one vehicle got lost on the way there. So we had to wait for them to find their way, but luckily we called ahead of time to make reservations because when the other vehicle finally got there and we went inside the place was packed. We had an amazing time here. There was a band playing and the food was great. After we enjoyed some music and filled our stomachs we got on a bus and went to the Red Wings game to watch them beat the Nashville Predators 3 to 1. When the game was done we walked back to our cars and made the long trip back to Carsonville, Michigan. Everyone said they enjoyed the trip, so I was glad that the trip I coordinated for my NHS was successful and everything went smoothly besides one vehicle getting lost on the way to the Hard Rock Café.


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