As a part of our leadership protocol, we are required to participate in a student organization on campus, which is also known as a RSO. The student organization I am involved in is Global Medical and Dental Brigades. It is an organization that travels to third world countries during spring break and provides the communities with medical and dental supplies.


For example, this year we have enough people going that there is going to be two brigades going. One is going to Ghana, Africa and the second one is going to Honduras, South America. The trip to Ghana will be 10 days long and the trip to Honduras will be 7 days long. The people that are going to Ghana are going to spend the first day just traveling to get there and then the next four days they will be distributing medical and dental supplies to the community. On the fifth day they will participate in the water supply brigade which will build water lines to surrounding communities so houses can have running water. The next two days will be passing out medical and dental supplies and the ninth day will be free time, so the group can tour the community of Ghana. The tenth day will be traveling back to the United States.

The other brigade will be the same, but it is shorter, so the group will spend four days distributing medical and dental supplies to the community, one free day to do whatever they wish, and one day to participate in the living brigade, where they will help build buildings and furniture for the house. On the seventh day they will head back to the United States.

Another part of our protocol is to be active in a Lead Team. The Lead Team I am participating in is the Relay For Life Lead Team. In our Lead Team we are trying to raise awareness for cancer and help raise funds to donate for cancer research. Another part of our Lead Team is helping coordinate a Relay For Life for the city of Mt. Pleasant which will be on April 5th and 6th.

The last part of our protocol is to have at least 30 hours of community service. So the activity I am volunteering for to achieve part of my community service hours is coaching Kindergarten through 2nd grade basketball for Mt. Pleasant Parks & Recreation. It is a six week program that is three hours long every Sunday which teaches children the fundamentals of basketball like dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Since I was very active in high school with sports and school, I want to be as active in college and I was in high school, so I am participating on two Intermural basketball teams to get away from homework, my dorm, and to also stay some what active. We have had three games thus far and have won all three, so this season should be good if we keep playing like we are now.


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