Leadership Philosophy

leadership philosophy

When it comes to values, a few come to mind, but there are so many out there that it is hard to determine what are someone’s highest values. So I narrowed the long and lengthy list of values down to fifteen. Then I picked five out of the fifteen that I thought meant the most to me and what I base my life around. They are community, honesty, learning, respect, and trust. The values I base my life around are also the contributions I make as a leader. One contribution I live by every day as a leader is giving 110% all the time. I do the work I am given to the best of my ability with all the effort I can muster up. I don’t slack off and do everything half-heartedly because if I do that then I am not getting everything I can get out of the experience. The values I bestow on every day are what makes me a distinct leader. Not everyone has the same values as I do. Not one person is like the next. That is what makes everyone distinct or different from one another. I think highly of my values but someone else might not. They might not even have close to the same values as me. When looking at my LPI results I can see five different words or phrases that others would use to describe my leadership style. One is that I am reliable, another is I am respectable, I am appreciative, I praise others, and the last one is that I set a personal example for others. These five words and phrases match up with my values I base my life around in that I am honest with the people around me, I respect others and their decisions they make, and if I am respected by others then I can put all the trust in the world on them to be reliable.

A leader that I admire and base my life around is Peyton Manning. He has the ability to control a football game with the most unbelievable ways. Most of my values are based on how he handles himself and his life. He is learning every day of the week. He spends multiple hours in a film room studying the up coming team, picking out their strengths and weaknesses. With his determination to learn I am determined to learn as well as he does. Another value of mine that he models the best is respect. His team has the all the respect in the world for him and with this respect he has all the trust in the world with his teammates to catch a ball from him. He can also trust them for the rest of his life because they will always have the respect for him. The way his team respects him is the way I want to be respected when I am working with other people. I know I have to earn people’s respect, and I am willing to go as far as it takes to earn it. I want to be know for the person that always respected the people he worked with and was always working to better the community around him.

I believe that it depends on the situation on who decides to lead. Everyone has their own special values and specific traits and/or skills. Everybody has a specific knowledge of different qualities and when one situation calls for a specific quality that one person might have and another person doesn’t, then the person with the specific trait that matches the situation should lead. The person who leads changes with situations because not everyone is fit to lead in specific situations.

A positive experience I had with leadership was when I help lead my football team to a state championship. I was one of three captions on the team and everyone on the team looked up to us. When we were losing the team looked to us to step up and make a play and when we were winning we were celebrating with the rest of the team. We were respected and trusted at the same time. We became a family that nobody can ever tare apart. I will always have memories from that season and will always know that I help lead them to a state title.

A negative experience I had with leadership was when I was President of my National Honor Society in high school. I made a flyer saying that we had a meeting in approximately two weeks. Well when the meeting came around I showed up, but I forgot the make an agenda, so we had to push the meeting to the following week. I learned to make an agenda the night before every meeting so that I wouldn’t forget the day of the meeting.

Through my values and beliefs I will continue to better the community around me and give 110% to whatever I am given. I want to leave knowing I made a difference in peoples lives. My values will be what I base my decisions off of and will help guide me in the right direction of what I want out of life.


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