Professional Skills:

*Coaching– I helped coach my elementary schools 5th grade boys basketball team along with kindergarten through 2nd grade basketball for Mt. Pleasant Parks and Recreation. I enjoy teaching younger generations what I have been taught and learned about sports.
5th grade basketball
*Leadership– I believe I have built my leadership skills ever since I was able to walk and talk. Sports has definitely improved my leadership skills and being able to overcome obstacles with a group.
*Building Relationships– I love meeting new people and creating life time relationships with them. I want people to be happy and comfortable around me not uncomfortable and awkward.
*School-Life-Sports Balance– Since I was born, have picked up a pencil, or thrown, caught, or shot a ball I have had to balance all together and it has definitely become one of my most unique skills. I have managed to balance my life, become valedictorian, and play four different sports throughout high school. I take great pride in balance and will continue to balance my life with everything else I pursue.
*Lawn Maintenance– I have worked for a lawn care business for the past six years. I havedoug's lawn care made life long friends with the people I work with. I have learned a lot from them too. The experience of working with others will be always be my greatest skill.

Personal Skills:

*I pride myself on being accountable for something I say I am going to do.
*I care about how others around me feel.
*I am dedicated to the work I pursue and the people I care about the most.
*I am very detail oriented.
*I pride myself on hard work and that nothing in life is just given to us.
*I work well with others.
*I am willing to learn from whoever is willing to teach me.

personal skills


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