Pre-Physical Therapy Club

When I first got to Central I had an idea of what I wanted to do for my career, but I didn’t know anyone or who I was suppose to visit with for more information on what I wanted to do, then Mainstage happened. I found what I had been looking for along that would point me in the right direction. The registered student organization (RSO) that I came into contact with was Central’s Pre-Physical Therapy Club.

The Pre-Physical Therapy Club is dedicated to informing and bringing together students interested in the field of Physical Therapy. Students range in ages, grades, and majors. Meetings provide insight to the graduate school application process, specialties in the field of physical therapy, assistance with undergrad major decisions and course work, along with interactions with physical therapists and graduate school faculty. Events are held during each semester, including socials, fund-raisers, and volunteer events. The club meets every other Tuesday at 8:00 PM in Pearce Hall 135. Dues are $20 per year.

Ever since I dislocated my elbow in 5th grade and had to go through physical rehab to help heal my arm I have always wanted to be a physical therapist. It took a while to actually see results, but once I could tell where I started and where I ended knew I wanted to do that because I wanted to help people get back to 85 to 90% of their previous strength. If I never ended up going to physical therapy I would have lost all movement in my elbow and would have never been able to fully extend my elbow again. I don’t want to see someone that has been hurt loss all mobility, so that is why I have chosen the career path I am still currently pursuing and also why I have decided to stick with the Pre-Physical Therapy Club since my freshman year of college.



Resolution Reflection

Everyone wants something in their life, but most people don’t know what they want. They don’t know whether they want it today or tomorrow, now or later, but there is always a want in someone. What they want may come fast or it may take its time, but when it finally does get here they will appreciate it even more. What I want is never now, it is always something in the future. For example, I want all A’s at the end of the semester. I never know what I want now, but I always know what I want in the future. I want to build my own house, get married, and raise a family with the one I love I know I want that for a fact. Another thing I always want is to go above and beyond my own expectations. I know if I can do this then I would be the happiest person in the world, but some times it doesn’t end up the way you expect it to. That’s why you always have to believe in yourself and keep pushing on with your head up.

There is only three things I need for the year of 2014 and they are Family, Love, and Laughter. I need family because they are the ones that my life revolves around. They are the ones that keep me going day in and day out. They are the ones that when I am having a bad day will always be there for me to listen and to talk me out of my state of sadness. I need love because it’s what keeps your heart pumping and your confidence booming. Love is what shows you other sides of people and what they are capable of. The last thing that I need is laughter. Laughter releases the stress that builds up inside someone. Everyone says it takes more muscles to frown then it does to smile.

Well since I am becoming a Sophomore in college this coming fall that means I get a mentee. Oh all the things I am going to be able to share with him or her. Like what classes to take and not take, where to go if they need help with classes, and always if they need help with homework I will be there to help them with that. Another thing I will share this year is my services to my community and family. Each day I plan on making a difference for someone I come into contact with, whether it be something simple or something that changes their life forever I want to be apart of that.

The only thing I will succeed at is the thing I poor my heart and soul into. If I put anything less then that into whatever I am doing then to my expectations I have failed because like I said before I expect myself to go above and beyond what I am expected to do. I know this year is going to have its up and downs, but I just hope I can succeed in whatever I plan on doing this year.

Fred Factor Reflection

The Fred Factor project we were presented in LDR was a project I never experienced in a classroom before. The class was already use to making other peoples day simply by saying hello and giving them a hug, but this was different. We were told to present a project to the class on how a group of people made other peoples day expecting nothing in return called a Fred Project. We had to follow the four principles of the Fred Factor which are everyone makes a difference, everything is built on relationships, we must continually create value for others, and we can reinvent ourselves regularly. In actuality though all we had to do was be ourselves, because this is how we got here in the first place by helping others and not expecting anything in return.

The group that I was in consisted of Hannah McGoldrick, Jessica LaLone, Sam Ekstrom, Avery Manifold, Anna Prielipp, Katie Rae, and me. Our project we was that we would clip clothespins, that had inspirational sayings, on people without them noticing that we clipped their backpacks or clothing. We called this project ChipClips. We created a twitter so the people that we clipped could tweet what the clothespin said and how they felt about the inspirational saying. On the clothespin we also told them to pass it on so that they also could spread the inspiration and feel the rush when they try and clip someone else without them noticing.

What I learned from this experience is that when you do something good for other people you don’t always need to expect something in return. By just making someone else’s day makes your day as well because you know that you just made that person’s day. In the end we will get rewarded in some way we just have to wait.