HST 110L Reflection

One of the classes we had to take for our Leadership Advancement Scholarship protocol was HST 110L which is The American Experience. This class is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. in Powers Hall. It is taught by a very spirited woman in her middle ages that knows a lot about history and definitely knows how to teach a laid back class while also being serious. Her name is Professor Catherine Tobin and she is a great teacher for American History.


The American Experience focuses on the changing concepts of American democracy, the role of the frontier, immigration, labor and business in and a thematic survey of American history. It also teaches us the history of how America was founded and who lived here before Christopher Columbus arrived. I took a history class in high school and it has helped because I am not lost in class when the teacher is speaking, but I have definitely learned a lot more in HST 110L then in my high school history class. We have learned more about the presidents and what their daily lives consist of and more about the way America has been shaped over the years.

At the end of this class I am going to know even more about our past American history and how we can manage not to repeat history. With this knowledge it will help broaden my leadership skills because if I choose to go into something like teaching a history class, I will have the basic knowledge of American history with me that I learned in HST 110L. It will change my behavior because if we were to repeat history, lets say for example we had another World War, then there would be nothing left of our World because so many countries have atomic weapons that not only could they wipe people out, but those who did survive the bomb at first would eventually die of radiation poisoning.