PSY 100L Reflection

Coming from a small school that only offers no more than your basic general education courses some times has its disadvantages. I was never offered courses such as Psychology or Communication. So when I came to college and got put into a Psychology course, I didn’t know what to expect because I never had a Psychology class before. I would have to say though that it has definitely been an experience learning how people think and feel.

Psychology has taught me so much about not only how people think and feel, but how the brain works, how people react in the work place, and how leadership can be associated with Psychology. One of the major assignments we were asked to complete is to write a 15 page paper on how leadership is associated with Psychology. It has been a tough assignment to type up, but it is over every chapter in the book and there is for sure one thing in each chapter that someone can relate leadership to Psychology. I am glad Professor Prewitt was the teacher who taught me about Psychology.