PHL 118L

A class and professor with which I still don’t know how to explain is how I felt about PHL 118L. When someone says “Philosophy” to me the first thing that comes to mind is something that is based on your own opinion. It doesn’t make sense to take a class that has to deal with everyone’s opinion because you will never know who’s opinion is right and who’s opinion is wrong. Well I found out their is one person in this big old world that can simply straiten all of this nonsense out. His name is Gary Fuller. He is one of the most widely educated, mysterious, awkward, funny, perverted and respectful individual I have ever came into contact with. There are some days where I can’t stand to be in his class because he is yelling “Keeyae” at the top of his lungs or making up this ridiculous story about a guy beating a cow with a bat called “Harry and the Battered Cow,” but there are other days where this man simply amazes me and what he has accomplished in his time here on Earth. For example, he invited us to his house for a Christmas Party and gave us a tour of his house when we all got there. When we went downstairs to his basement every wall was covered with bookshelves that were full of books that he had read throughout his life. He said he read all of them but doesn’t remember all of them. I will always remember Mr. Fuller for what he has taught us in Philosophy which is that there can be many different opinions but only the most convincing opinion is the one that matters.