LPI Result Reaction Reflection

Model is how you show other people an example you are trying to explain. It is how you show yourself off or how you lead other groups of people. It is how you want other people to when you want a specific outcome. Inspire is how you encourage others. It is how you make a difference in someone else’s life. It is how you show other people your dreams or future. Challenge is how you go outside your comfort zone. It is how you make yourself better. It is how you become stronger by learning from your mistakes. Enable is how you let others participate. It is how you envision the World to be. It is how you give someone a second chance or the first chance for them to make a difference. Courage is how you inspire others. It is how you keep hope and determination alive. It is how you make someone feel like a hero when their physical abilities deny them their inspiration.


When I first looked at my LPI report, my initial reaction was amusement, pleasure, surprise, and inspiration. My strongest feeling was inspiration because I thought it was cool to see what other people thought of my leadership. It is neat that two people put a leadership inventory together to show people around the World how they and others view their leadership. It is a very helpful tool when it comes to certain situations in life. I know this report is going to help me in life because I know what ways I can improve my leadership.

I can use my results for personal meaning by simply improving in the areas I need to improve in and keep strengthening the areas I am already strong in. I can use the behaviors that I use frequently to help me improve on the behaviors that I use the least frequent. Another way I can use my results is to improve on the weaknesses I show to other people and turn them into the strengths other people see of me.

This challenges me by showing me my least frequent behaviors and what I can improve on more to become a well rounded leader. I know now that I have to ask question like “What can we learn?” or talk to others about values and principles. I need to show others how their interests can be realized and publicly recognize alignment with values.

Some behaviors I have to practice more frequently are publicly recognize alignment with value, communicate with purpose and meaning, show others how their interests can be realized, talk about values and principles, and my least frequent behavior is ask “What can we learn?”. The category with the most least frequent behaviors is the inspiration category. So now I know that I need to work on my inspiration skills around other individuals and groups.

Outside of LAS, I can share it with my parents, potential employers, and friends. My parents might be interested in how other people view my leadership as. My potential employers might be interested in it because it shows my most frequent and least frequent behaviors with leadership. It might show them how well or poor I might work with the employees already employed. My friends might also be interested in it because they can tell me if it is true or not.