“Relay for Life” LEAD Team

When I was a freshman here at Central Michigan University I had to decide which LEAD Team I wanted to be apart of. There were so many to choose from and I had no idea which one I wanted to put my time and effort into as all of them intrigued me. Then I came across the Relay for Life Lead Team and I knew that was the one I wanted to be apart of because I helped organize countless Relay for Life events when I was in high school. My grandmother had also died from cancer two years prior so it made my decision even more worthwhile.

During the course of the year we planned events in order to donate money toward the Relay for Life fund. The event we organized was a scripted dinner that was a dinner but the people at the table were actually part of a scripted event. The dinner was a huge success! Then along came the Relay for Life event which we were planning all year long. There were quite a few teams there and every team had a countless number of people. So in the end the Relay for Life event was another huge success for the University.

I loved every second of being on the Relay for Life LEAD Team my freshman year that I decided to stay on that LEAD Team for my Sophomore year. Once again that year was a huge success for the University! I will never forget the time I spent planning for the event with the rest of the team and seeing what an impact it made on everyone in the community.


Life as a Volunteer

Ever since I was in National Honor Society in high school I always liked volunteering for local nonprofit organizations. As soon as I got to college nothing changed. From the first day of school till now I have volunteered for countless nonprofit organizations and continue to volunteer on a yearly basis. The places I volunteer for range from back home where I use to volunteer for with my high school basketball team to organizations right here in Mt. Pleasant. Every experience has taught me something that I will never regret. It has taught me to never take what I have in my life for granted and to always give back to those not as fortunate as I might be. A sense of well being always comes over me when I am volunteering to help better someone’s life.

Within the past year I have volunteered for multiple nonprofit organizations and one of those was the Port Sanilac Project Blessing. This organization I have been volunteering for ever since I was a freshman in high school. My high school basketball team and I would help deliver presents to families during Christmas time in the local community. Till this day, every year around Christmas time I go home and volunteer for the Port Sanilac Project Blessing. I love volunteering for them because it makes me feel happy to give back to the people in my community that I once grew up in.

Another nonprofit organization I have volunteered for within the past year was the Port Sanilac Parks and Recreation. This experience was for my summer internship, but it was still all volunteer work. My job was a head softball coach for 8U girls in Port Sanilac. Let me tell you it is an experience in itself trying to teach 8 year old girls how to play softball and dealing with the many mood swings of a young girl. With that said, I wouldn’t have changed my decision to coach those girls a million times over. That was probably the most exciting and life teaching moment in my entire life. I loved every second of teaching those girls how to play softball. Even though in the end we didn’t win a game, but like I told the girls it’s not about winning and losing, it’s about learning how to actually play the right way while also having fun doing it. By the time the end of the season came along, the girls showed so much improvement and were laughing and having fun together playing the game of softball.

MPPR basketball 2.jpg

I could go on and on about the places I have volunteered for, but I would rather not so the last nonprofit organization I volunteer for during this time of year every year since I was a freshman in college is the Mt.Pleasant Parks and Recreation. My job is a kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade basketball coach for both boys and girls combined. I love volunteering for Mt.Pleasant Parks and Recreation because I get to meet all the kids in the community and see what they like playing sports wise. This opportunity allows me to pass on the knowledge and skills that I was taught from all of my basketball coaches from when I was a kid about their age. Although I love volunteering for Mt.Pleasant Parks and Recreation it is sad to say that this year was my last year with them as next year I will be looking for graduate schools and doing interviews with them so I won’t have the time to volunteer with them in the spring semester for basketball.

Mentor Reflection

A mentor is a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, and tuned into the needs of the mentee. I want to model all of this and more to welcome my mentee in to college. I want to be like their brother they never had if they didn’t have a brother already. I want to be their best friend so that they can come to me with anything because they trust me and believe that I will point them in the right direction.

I am most looking forward to meeting a new person that might become my best friend that I have never met before in my life. My mentee and I have a lot in common, so I have a feeling we will have no problem getting along. I can’t wait to become a Sophomore and pass down my experiences to my mentee while also learning from my mentee’s experiences.

brad hunt

I have been preparing my whole life to become a mentor. The Leadership Advancement Scholarship picked 40 high school seniors that they knew were leaders in their community. These leaders grew up wanting to help better society every day for as long as they could walk and talk. Now being one of those 40 leaders and having an entire year of college experience I am even more ready to become a mentor. Not only did I learn about being a mentor this year through college experiences, but I have also learned about being a mentor from my family tree. They were so helpful in helping me transition into college from high school and I plan on helping my mentee do the same thing. I have learned how to manage time in between classes and how to get around campus. I want to help my mentee do same thing and even more so they can have the least stressful experience possible in college.

Resolution Reflection

Everyone wants something in their life, but most people don’t know what they want. They don’t know whether they want it today or tomorrow, now or later, but there is always a want in someone. What they want may come fast or it may take its time, but when it finally does get here they will appreciate it even more. What I want is never now, it is always something in the future. For example, I want all A’s at the end of the semester. I never know what I want now, but I always know what I want in the future. I want to build my own house, get married, and raise a family with the one I love I know I want that for a fact. Another thing I always want is to go above and beyond my own expectations. I know if I can do this then I would be the happiest person in the world, but some times it doesn’t end up the way you expect it to. That’s why you always have to believe in yourself and keep pushing on with your head up.

There is only three things I need for the year of 2014 and they are Family, Love, and Laughter. I need family because they are the ones that my life revolves around. They are the ones that keep me going day in and day out. They are the ones that when I am having a bad day will always be there for me to listen and to talk me out of my state of sadness. I need love because it’s what keeps your heart pumping and your confidence booming. Love is what shows you other sides of people and what they are capable of. The last thing that I need is laughter. Laughter releases the stress that builds up inside someone. Everyone says it takes more muscles to frown then it does to smile.

Well since I am becoming a Sophomore in college this coming fall that means I get a mentee. Oh all the things I am going to be able to share with him or her. Like what classes to take and not take, where to go if they need help with classes, and always if they need help with homework I will be there to help them with that. Another thing I will share this year is my services to my community and family. Each day I plan on making a difference for someone I come into contact with, whether it be something simple or something that changes their life forever I want to be apart of that.

The only thing I will succeed at is the thing I poor my heart and soul into. If I put anything less then that into whatever I am doing then to my expectations I have failed because like I said before I expect myself to go above and beyond what I am expected to do. I know this year is going to have its up and downs, but I just hope I can succeed in whatever I plan on doing this year.

President Ross Reflection

On November 4th a very special someone that not every on Central Michigan’s Campus gets to meet took time out of his busy day to come into our LDR 100 class and explain more about leadership and what it took him to get to where he is now. His name is George E. Ross. He is the president of Central Michigan University and is well educated man that has endured a lot in his life.

Like I said before President Ross came into our LDR 100 class to talk to us about leadership and what it took him to get to where he is now. He is well educated and what stuck out the most to me is that he was offered a job as President at another college down south and he took but after a few years he realized that isn’t where he wants to work. So he moved back here to Mt. Pleasant and took a job at Central and a few years later became President of Central Michigan University.

What I learned form President Ross was very helpful. What he went through to achieve his dreams was incredible. He taught me to never to give up on my dreams because eventually if you work hard enough your dreams will come true.