Mystery Reflection

I really don’t know how to answer this, but when I view leadership it can be “yes” or “no”. Leadership is something you are born with and develop over time. It is something you believe in and model every day of the week. You take control of situations whether it is on a sports team or simply in a group during a workshop. Not only do leaders take control, they also know when to step back and let other people shine in the spot light. So my decision is that leadership comes from “yes”.

My personal leadership experience was when I was coaching 5th grade boys basketball and there was one game stuck out the most to me. It was a Saturday game in Kingston, Michigan and it was our last game of the season. Our season prior to this day wasn’t going how the team wanted it to go. We had only won two previous games and lost the rest, so this game was important to the kids because the team we were playing we beat once already. The tip off was won by the other team and they took it down and scored. The kids were alright with it though because it was just the beginning of the game. So my team went down and scored and the team’s confidence had risen again. So the game went on and toward the end of the game we were down by one, with 10 seconds left and we were at the free throw line. It was a one and one, so I called a timeout just to make sure they knew what to do if the shooter was to miss. I told them that they need to believe in their ability and that they were going to win the game. So the ref passed the ball to the shooter and the shooter dribbled a couple times and shot the ball. The ball hit the side of the rim and bounced off. One of my players though got the rebound and was in the corner of the court with his back to the basket. Everyone was yelling for him to shoot so he turned around and threw it up. While the basketball was in the air the buzzer went off and the ball went through the hoop. We won by one and the kids went crazy because they won from a miracle shot, but when I told them to believe in their abilities they did and that was my experience with leadership.
5th grade basketball

An example of a public leader that supports my answer is Peyton Manning. He is a person that believes in leadership and models it every day. In this article Peyton Manning by Superfans he is descried in one word as leader, competitor, intense, and passionate. He can take control of a situation by simply quieting a crowd in order for him to make the calls he needs for his fellow players to make plays. His ability to lead is what makes him one of the greatest football players to ever play the game of football.

New Orleans Saints v Denver Broncos


Current Event Leader Reflection

Peyton Manning is believed to be one of the greatest players to play the game of football. There is no doubt in my mind he will be inducted into the hall of fame. His passion and determination on and off the field has led him to a very successful career. He has rewritten multiple records in the 2013-2014 season. Some of the records he broke were the most touchdowns in a season with 55 which is 5 more then Tom Brady’s record and the most passing yards in a season with 5,477 which is one more then Drew Bree’s record.

What makes Peyton Manning a leader is his ability to lead his team to victory and be able to control the game. By controlling the game he can influence the out come of each play on offense. Being able to influence every offensive play is what has made him the leader he is today. If Peyton Manning wins the super bowl it will only help his legendary career even more.

Others are motivated to follow him mainly because he is the Quarterback of the Denver Bronco’s. His team has to follow and have confidence in him because he is going to through them the ball and they have to catch the ball. When they catch the ball it not only gives them confidence, but it also gives Peyton Manning confidence because he knows that when he throws the ball he knows someone is going to catch the ball for him. Another reason his teammates are motivated to follow him is because Peyton Manning puts them in a spot to make plays. Before he hikes the ball he checks over the defense to see what they are giving him and if he doesn’t like the play call that he was given he checks to another one that will work better. When he is able to check into another play it allows his teammates to make better plays then what they would have made.

What I admire the most about Peyton Manning is his ability to keep calm when times are tough. When he is down in a game or having a bad game, which isn’t very often at all, he is able to step up and make plays while staying cool and calm. His ability to deal with adversity is one of the many reasons why I admire about him. Another reason why I admire him so much is because he works his butt off to get ready for the next game. He spends multiple hours watching game film on the opponent and breaks down the film to see the strengths and weaknesses of the other team. He picks out the weaknesses so he can attack it in the game and picks out the strengths so he knows what not to do because the other team is good at it. This is one of the main reasons why is such a good player because he spends so much time practicing for the upcoming opponent.

His leadership has obviously affected others because one he is going to be inducted into the hall of fame and two so many coaches break his throwing motions, vision, and foot work down for other players to copy so they can practice the right technique. Peyton has influenced so many young children that want to play football. When practice starts kids say they want to be just like Peyton Manning. They wear his jersey every where and have his poster in their room. There is no way possible that Peyton Manning does not affect others.

Peyton Manning is one of my favorite players in the National Football League. He has affected me in so many ways. His ability to lead his team through the good and bad is one reason why he my favorite. Another reason why I like him, like I said before, is his ability to keep calm and cool when the time calls for him to step up and make a play. Peyton Manning to me is one of the greatest players to ever play the game of football and I will hate to see him retire because he is such an influence to the world on and off the field.