PSC 105L Reflection

One of the classes we had to take for our Leadership Advancement Scholarship protocol was PSC 105L which is the Introduction to American Government and Politics. This class is every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. in Anspach Hall. It is taught by a very interesting man that knows a lot about politics and definitely has an answer and opinion for everything we ask in class. His name is Professor Thomas W. Stewart and he is a great teacher for Political Science.

political science

Introduction to American Government and Politics focuses both on the formal institutions of government and how politics actually works in the United States. The class is important in that it teaches us more about how the government operates on a daily bases. It also teaches us the history of the government and how it has shaped our nation and economy throughout history. I took a government class in high school and it has helped because I am not lost in class when the teacher is speaking, but I have definitely learned a lot more in PSC 105 then in my high school government class. We have learned more about the constitution and what it stands for and more about the checks and balances on the branches of government.

At the end of this class I am going to know even more about our political system then what I ever knew before this. With this knowledge it will help broaden my leadership skills because if I choose to go into something political or run for an office then I will have experience in government that I learned from PSC 105L. It will change my behavior because if I were to get in trouble with the law for some odd reason I would have experience from PSC 105 to know if it was constitutional or not.