Seth’s Blog Reflection

In today’s society everyone tries to take the easy way out and not go the extra effort to get more out of a challenge. According to Seth Godin, “Organizations, governments and individuals prefer to find the solution that’s guaranteed to work, takes little time and even less effort.” So the problems we are left with are the problems that will take ridiculous amounts of effort, untold resources and the bravery to attempt something that might not work. Less and less people are willing to go that extra mile. When a person accomplishes their goal or project they stop there, instead of furthering their knowledge about the situation and continuing to work harder at the task.

What this means is that if everyone knew the answers to their problems before the problems came about then we wouldn’t do anything. We would just sit around and do nothing because we wouldn’t have to face our problems and learn from them, we would already know the answers to it. It is important that we do not let this happen and face our problems. We become stronger when we make mistakes. We need to stop shying away from difficulties in our lives because they are going to keep showing up again and again and one of these time we are not going to be able to escape it. When it does show up and we are forced to face it, we will not be ready because we are going to be to weak to overcome the obstacle. If we were to face the challenge in the first place we could accomplish it a lot easier because we were stronger and we could utilize other resources that might not be available at a later date.

So knowing this before we start will help us choose the right resources or decide not to start at all on the problem. We could make a decision on the one that won’t be solved in a hurry and might not be worth the effort it’s going to take. If it is though, then pay up and go that extra mile to solve the problem. Knowing how to determine ahead of time which problems are going to take more time to solve will help because we will then be able to make time long enough for us to solve the more difficult problems.

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