Leadership Safari Reflection


Leadership safari was a five day, morning to night, activity that motivated incoming freshman about college. From August 17 to the 21 students were active in group building moments, helping better the community of Central, participating in the many sports, or listening to the well educated motivators brought here to make it an easier transition into college.

Safari has improved my social skills as well as showing me more about how to be a leader. I have meet people that may be my friends for the rest of my life. It has shown me that a group can work a lot better then just one person working on their own.

Becoming a better leader is definitely what I am going to take away from this Leadership experience. I don’t want to become a Safari Guide, but they showed me more on what it takes to be a leader and how to make a group respect and listen to them. I will take what I learned from Leadership Safari and use it to become a more improved leader.