Learning the Ropes

For my second week I worked 40 hours once again, and became a little bit more busy with classes and helping the other trainers with their classes. This week I helped one of the trainers with their boot camp which is just a ramped up high intensity interval training circuit. There were about 18 people that showed up which is a great turn out. I helped him facilitate and make sure the trainees were doing the exercises right and going to the correct stations. I also helped the owner with his baseball, softball, and golf lessons for the week.


We worked some more on our combine flyer for the surrounding schools. We decided we want to lower the age limit so grades 3-6 could do it too. Also, we decided to lower the cost from $100 to $80 and wanted to focus more on speed and agility more than weight training. Next week I hope to get it out to the schools so they can notify their students before summer break starts.

On Tuesday I facilitated youth speed and agility which had a good turn out with 8 kids from the local school. I took them through 8 different speed and agility drills like ladder drill, L-drill, box jumps, etc. Next week I hope to get some more kids to come out either by advertising more for it or asking the kids that do come to bring their friends and spread the word.


On Friday I facilitated my own circuit training class for the first time by myself. Three ladies showed up and I took them through 11 different exercises with a 1 minute workout interval followed by a 15 second rest period then went on to the next exercise. We only have one more session next week, but I talked with the 3 ladies and they wanted to continue with the circuit training class for the month of June. So next week I hope to get the word out more that we have a class at 9 a.m. on Friday’s to get more people to come.



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